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Apr 4

Trailer for an up-and-coming documentary about Vampira! Some really rare archival footage included.

Feb 28

From the Quarters to Lincoln Heights delves into the story of how thousands of African Americans came to work in Northern California’s lumber mills nearly a hundred years ago and explores some of the multi-racial rural towns they called home.

Feb 27

The Black Power Mixtape

Jan 27

Reminder to self: see this.

Dec 12

Oct 3

Reminder to myself to watch this documentary from the late 1970s about small urban spaces.

Aug 10

Crucial! Or “croosh”, as we used to say in high school.

Aug 4

I am so demanding: I really want this guy to sing while he operates the pianola. It is not enough that he knows EVERYTHING about this obsolete and magical musical instrument.

Jun 8

This documentary trailer is full of archival photos/footage! AND it is about a Baltimore “gun toting pacifist” teacher. I am definitely interested in seeing the whole thing.

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